You & Me

Every person has a unique way of inhabiting and experiencing the world. Our mental and physical sides are very much interconnected – if our bodies are unwell, we are more likely to have negative thoughts and vice versa. Through touch and massage one is able to feel better in their body and it calms the mind, too.

For all of these massierende hände 7reasons, I’m using Balinese Massage in order to work with you in a holistic way, listening both to your body as well as your mind. A session normally lasts for 90 minutes with a refreshing foot bath in the beginning, followed by a relaxing and invigorating whole-body massage (just the way you like it!). We’ll then end the session with a nice cup of tea or coffee. The price of one session is between 40€-70€ depending on the length of the massage you desire.

One of the many benefits of this massage is to let your mind and body communicate better with each other. Strengthening the body-mind connection allows you to function more whole-heartedly. The central aim of the massage session is to empower you to find inner peace and awareness of your body-mind connection, and to be able to come back to that inner peace whenever needed.


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